Thickum Thighs is a chunky, delicious display typeface inspired by scrumptious newborn baby thighs.

Thickum Thighs

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Thickum Thighs is a chunky, delicious display typeface inspired by scrumptious newborn baby thighs.

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Thickum Thighs is best used extra large as a display font in your next project that requires something cute, bubbly, and balloon-y.

When my daughter was born, all I wanted to do was chomp on her plump little thighs. The way the rolls would form deep crevices between the joints and how her frame could barely contain the spillage of rolls struck me right in my new mommy feels.

There’s a part of me that feels a little psychotic about having this urge to bite baby thighs, but I know I’m not alone: There is a literal science to wanting to bite or eat cute things. The phenomenon of expressing something different than what you’re feeling – in this case, wanting to eat something cute when you’re not actually feeling aggression – is called dimorphous expression.

Type Specimens

Additionally, as a Filipino American, I’m excited there’s a Tagalog word for this exact phenomenon! That word is gigil, which is an adjective that means to experience overwhelming emotion (usually caused by something cute), the reaction of which is to grit your teeth or tremble.

Typography Talk

To express the idea of baby thighs, I made the counters (the space in glyphs like a, b, d, e, o, etc) super tight, almost as if the character is so overwhelmed with chunkiness so the counter can barely stay open. It’s almost like how a super-fluffy donut is so doughy that the hole is barely a hole. Also, the descenders in the glyphs g, j, p, q, and y, nearly fold back onto themselves to further express the idea of deliciously excessive plumpness.

Featured BIPOC Artists using this Typeface

Meet the Artist, Elmarie Jara


Elmarie is a full-time award-winning design strategist for a nonprofit organization. She brings to the design industry over 15 years of experience — specializing in brand identity and visual marketing communications with a particular interest in brand strategy. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, yoga, and movie nights with her family.

Growing up in a filipino household where my mom had spent a lot of time in the kitchen, I often left home smelling like egg rolls or, worse, fried fish. While I found the lingering smell of food on my clothes irritating, I also realized that serving us good Filipino food had always been my mom’s expression of love. No matter how tired she must had been, there was always home-cooked meals on our table. And no matter how irritated I may had been, coming home to her delicious food was comforting.

Not surprisingly, food is my love language. It is my adventure and home. For me, the unabashed fluffiness of Thickum Thighs is the typographical expression of this love.

Font Updates

This is an all-lowercase font that includes basic Latin alphabet and numerals. If I expand this to include an uppercase set or any additional support, you will receive free lifetime updates as a fun surprise in your inbox!
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