Nifty & Swifty is a handmade brush typeface with tons of textured character and energetic flow.

Nifty & Swifty

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Nifty & Swifty


Nifty & Swifty is a handmade brush typeface with tons of textured character and energetic flow.

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This typeface started with experimental play with a pocket brush pen.

More texture emerged with faster pen strokes, which was fabulous, because texture is my catnip. “Light and fast like a fox” was my mantra when crafting this, so I knocked out the basic alphabet in one whoosh-filled sitting. When I expanded the character set with punctuation, diacritics, and symbols, I made sure to stay speedy. The result is a handwritten typeface with nifty and swifty whooshes for your fonting pleasure. (Typeface name note: Elder millennials, if you watched the cottagecore cartoon ‘David the Gnome,’ you might remember that the gnomes’ loyal fox was named Swift.)

Type Specimens

If your project needs to look unmistakably handwritten, this breezy and beautifully raw typeface is for you. Get those characters extra large on the page to show off those textures. If you have a personal quote to share, a smaller type size will communicate your sentiment splendidly. The versatility of Nifty & Swifty gives you an edge in your digital art box, since it can work for a variety of messaging, from feel-good and heartening to pointed and stern.

Typography Talk

This typeface is all about brushy textures, swashy exit strokes, and forward angles for momentum. Look out for a sprinkling of stylistic alternates and ligatures for an organic feel. Characters stand independently with no connecting strokes for a casual effect. Curved and swooshy descenders of the lowercase d, g, j, and y add a touch of flair. And the pointed upward exit strokes made with a flick of the wrist in the lowercase a, c, t, v, w, and x adds a winky dash.

Font Updates

Includes majority of Latin support with plans to expand IPA and Romanization. With all fonts purchased on Font Infusions, you will receive free lifetime updates as a fun surprise in your inbox!
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