Galima Hand is a clean and dependable handmade typeface perfect for giving that personal, handwritten touch.

Galima Hand

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Galima Hand is a clean and dependable handmade typeface perfect for giving that personal, handwritten touch.

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Galima Hand is my gift to you! It’s my handwriting made into a typeface.

“Galima” is my middle name… AND my mom’s maiden name! I see traces of her handwriting in my own, so hence the name, Galima Hand.

As a shy kid, I felt most comfortable expressing myself through art and handwriting. I gained confidence through compliments about my penmanship and rode that wave to become VP of my high school calligraphy club. (As Tig Notaro and Cheryl Hines would say in their ‘Tig and Cheryl: True Story’ podcast, “BRAGGADOCIOUS ALERT!”)

This font is also me reckoning with my own internalized racism. When I got sucked into “What’s YOUR middle name?” conversations as a kid, I felt shame about mine not being something traditionally “American.” I dreaded having to say, “Galima,” and wait for the confused looks on other kids’ faces. Most everyone was nice about it, but the fact there *was* a conversation about my middle name at all was just another way of feeling othered. But now, I’m here, proud of my middle name that was given to me with love by my mom and the legacy that is her family.

Type Specimens

Speaking of legacies, Galima Hand is also a gift I leave to my young daughter. She’ll always have Mommy’s handwriting long after I’m gone. Are you crying? I’m not crying. (Just kidding, I’m totally crying.) WHOO BOY, let’s talk about the typography now, shall we?

Typography Talk

Using a Fudenosuke Brush Pen, I drew each letter onto paper then scanned each character. As a result, this low contrast typeface has soft entry and exit strokes for a rounded and approachable feel. Galima Hand rocks tall ascenders (ooh!), a slightly narrow width (bring on those long format projects!), and my favorite kind of lowercase “a”: The double-storey a (YEAH!). The slight angle on the shoulders of the lowercase h, m, and n is all-adult and no-nonsense. No juvenile bubble letters here! (For a typeface literally inspired by babies, please see Thickum Thighs.)

This might be a font best used with lots of breathing room and ample white space as the preview images demonstrate. You can also use this in long formats with multiple lines of text. If you need something that looks subtly handwritten while not overly so, this is your ticket.

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Includes majority of Latin support with plans to expand IPA and Romanization. With all fonts purchased on Font Infusions, you will receive free lifetime updates as a fun surprise in your inbox!
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