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Activate! Is a handmade blocky brush typeface born of intention and urgency. It flows from the heart to your canvas.

This is a typeface with something to SAY. Made by hand with a chisel tip marker, each stroke was made with pressurized purpose.
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Thickum Thighs

When my daughter was born, all I wanted to do was chomp on her plump little thighs. The way the rolls would form deep crevices between the joints and how her frame could barely contain the spillage of rolls struck me right in my new mommy feels.

Geo Fitz

This typeface barrels out the gate with with bold geometrics. The challenge was to express each character in the most efficient way possible, while keeping things interesting by contrasting simple shapes with angled serifs. The name of this typeface was inspired by a nightclub for tweens where I grew up. It was so random! I wasn’t a cool kid in grade school, so I never went, and it was probably just as well, because it was NIGHTCLUB FOR TWEENS WTF.

Galima Hand

Galima Hand is my gift to you! It’s my handwriting made into a typeface. “Galima” is my middle name… AND my mom’s maiden name! I see traces of her handwriting in my own, so hence the name, Galima Hand.
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Nifty & Swifty

This typeface started with experimental play with a pocket brush pen. More texture emerged with faster pen strokes, which was fabulous, because texture is my catnip. “Light and fast like a fox” was my mantra when crafting this, so I knocked out the basic alphabet in one whoosh-filled sitting. When I expanded the character set with punctuation, diacritics, and symbols, I made sure to stay speedy.
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