About the Foundry

Font Infusions is an AAPI-owned font foundry launching expressive fonts to empower creators.

Design is an Opportunity for Expression and Connection

Our process embodies experimentation and exploration from sketch to finished font design. We help make creative entrepreneurs feel empowered to make expressive, fun, fearless, and stylish content that feels unique and true to them. We aim to positively contribute to the font universe, while highlighting other AAPI font creators.

Meet Our Lead Infusionist

Aireen Arellano masterminds the font infusions put into orbit in our font foundry. As a veteran of brand design, Aireen delights clients through her extensive branding experience and thoughtful design aesthetic. She enjoys the journey to arrive at the final design and the iterations along the creative process of font design. A spirited, benevolent designer, she incorporates inclusiveness in all aspects of life and businesses.

Aireen started Font Infusions because she wanted to find a way to express her love of fun typography and empower others to free themselves from the usual fonts in their rotation. She also wanted to shine a light on BIPOC designers, artists, and typographers and bring more awareness to the people behind the digital tools used in everyday life.
a fearless approach to designing and exploration
Good-humored Nature
putting the fun back into fonts
Expressive Style
authentically communicating what’s in your heart
embrace what makes us human
helping creators express their true voice
elevated options in font and our client’s experience
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